Think outside the photo booth!

Think outside the photo booth!

Think outside the photo booth!Think outside the photo booth!

NEW! Don't pay for your photo booth, share the fun and earn!


A FREE PHOTO BOOTH?! How? We are delighted to announce our newest program aimed at making every event memorable for everyone! You can now select a photo booth for your event, and potentially pay $0 out of their pocket for it. All you have to do is share your custom tracking link to friends and family! Every single ticket your friends and family buys to the ClubPhotoBooth Studio earns you money towards your photo booth for your event! Whatever you earn is taken off your photo booth price! ALSO BONUS: Your friends and family receive a discount on the Studio Tickets as well! Come take Selfies, or use our Snapshot photographer! You can't beat this offer.

All ClubPhotoBooths include

- Instant text/email photos to guests phones

- Props

- Custom App of all photos 

- Choice of a Photo Attendant or Photographer

- 4x6 or 2x6 Photos

- Professional Designer Made Photo layouts, not just your event date, and name.

- Professional cameras and equipment

-Option to brand the experience

Latest & Greatest

New! 360 Video Photo Booth

Can be used at any event! Each of your guests will be in the center of this event. One minute later, the video is ready and can be published on everyones social networks making your event #Viral

YES! You can get the PhotoBooth that you want!

6ft Mirror Photo Booth

Mirror Photo Booth from ClubPhotoBooth

 Incredible WOW factor with a breathtaking, 6 feet tall, all-mirror design photo booth. Pristine quality photos. Even customize your animations and experience for your party or events! Our most exclusive and high end photo booth to date!

Green Screen Photo Booth

Green Screen Photo Booth from ClubPhotoBooth

Green screen photo booth done right for your party! We have perfected the art of transporting guests at your events to remote locations, or simply providing unique and fun background options! The possibilities are endless! 

The ClubPhotoBooth

Vogue Booth Photo Booth from ClubPhotoBooth

A fabulous futuristic light changing party photo booth experience which can be a great addition to those who are looking for a new and fresh look that can provide that "WOW" factor and provide that next level experience at your events.

Colorful Cube Photo Booth

Inflatable Cube Photo Booth from ClubPhotoBooth

Light up your event with a Photo Booth Cube! Taking your own photos? Ask about renting this for your party or events

Balloon Photo Booth

Balloon Wall Photo Booth from ClubPhotoBooth

Make it a party! Let us create a custom balloon wall for your events! Guests can take photos on their own phone or camera or pair it with one of our fabulous photo booths or photographer options! 

Animated GIF Photo Booth

Animated GIF Photo Booth from ClubPhotoBooth

Our GIF Photo Booth takes three or four looping photos or short bursts of video (boomeranged). GIFs can be branded with static or animated overlays for party or events. They are super fun to make and super easy to share.

Branded/Marketing Event booth


Gain maximum exposure for your brand when you connect your offline event to your online presence. Provide your business with an event marketing campaign that can help you to exponentially increase your event reach, and build loyalty and trust with customers.

Red Carpet Photo Booth


Give your guests the VIP treatment with the Red Carpet Photo Booth. Great for as guests arrive in style to your event! Scalable for any event! Customizable and scalable for any event and budget. 

Open Air Photo Booth

Open Air Photo Booth from ClubPhotoBooth

The hottest trend in Photo Booths at a party or events. Open air photo booths fit more people, and allow for photo bombs, and create LIVE entertainment for even those too shy to step into the spotlight!

Enclosed Photo Booth

Enclosed Photo Booth from ClubPhotoBooth

Prefer the traditional approach? Step back in time with an old fashioned draped photo booth experience. What happens behind the curtains... is captured in time forever. Great for your party or events

New! Roaming PhotoBooth

Roaming Photo Booth from ClubPhotoBooth

Choose from Roaming  photo booth or roaming photographers can shoot photos of your events or party that can be instantly branded and viewed on a tablet to share on social media, text or email.

Bullet Time PhotoBooth

Bullet time 360 Photo Booth from ClubPhotoBooth

You’ve seen it in the movies. A frozen moment in time shown from 360 degrees. Now your guests at your events can have a party and be a part of the action with our Bullet Time photo booth experience. 

Headshot PhotoBooth

Headshot Photo Booth from ClubPhotoBooth

Watch attendees at your events line up to receive a professional headshot in out Headshot photo booth at no cost to them! Gain a ton of new contacts, for easily quantifiable ROI.

#Hashtag PhotoBooth

#hashtag Photo Booth from ClubPhotoBooth

Create event-based Instagram & Twitter hashtag printing stations at your events or party, so users can hashtag/post photos on social media in order to print and display them in real time at your event. Just as much fun as a photo booth

Celebrity Photo Booth


The Beauty photo booth is the biggest rage at Hollywood parties and events! Throw back to the old style photo booths with a Hollywood glamour filter! Filters can be adjusted and customized for your photo booth event.

Custom Photo Booth Experience


Don't see what you're looking for for your event? We may already have done it! Contact us, we love hearing ideas, and how we can make your experience come to life!

NEW Prisma Video Booth


Create stunning Unique Branded Videos of your guests.

New Prisma Video Booth


The PRISMA projects your reflection on the whole space of photos and videos as in a kaleidoscope. Add a branded frame, a headband and superimpose music.

Your cool clip is ready to share online!